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Live classical music will change the entire atmosphere of your event! Family gatherings, birthday or retirement parties, special dinners, or anything you'd like to make extraordinary.

There is no limit to your imagination. Contact me and together we can figure it out.

You are planning a perfect wedding in a beautiful mountain setting. Your music is an important part of the overall experience and should receive as much attention as your flowers and venue. As a professional violinist living in and based out of Estes Park, I can help.

A solo violin player adds charm to a wedding and is the most flexible for last minute changes or timing issues. (yes, it happens!) It is also a great choice for a smaller or less formal wedding. A solo player requires the least amount of set-up and space, and costs the least to hire.

A small string ensemble such as a quartet or trio will be louder and will offer more musical complexity. An ensemble is also better suited for an on site reception following the ceremony. Set-up requirements are more complex, usually requiring the venue to provide proper chairs and covering, if the ceremony is outside.

Pricing is determined based on number of musicians playing, the venue, and the music requested.

To discuss your ideas and options, please contact me.